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  • This is my first game ever, and I have put my all into it for IGMC 2017. This is a learning experience for me and I can not wait to finish this game! The game is based on traditional old-school tabletop D&D. The world is covered mostly by water with one large continent and several smaller, the game takes place on the largest continent and it's outer islands. This world is connected by a vast series of underground tunnels where humans used to live as slaves to monsters. Forbidden from using magic or weapons of any kind humans learned to develop their bodies and minds to fight back against their slavers and break free to the surface world. Upon settling on the surface humans discovered quickly that the surface world was dominated by xenophobic elves that had absolutely no tolerance for any other races and attempted to wipe out humanity. Humanity managed to survive and settled mostly on the outer islands. 200 years later humans and elves are still no closer to peace but humans have developed much in magic and technology,  martial arts were only passed down from single masters to their students and were all but lost to the times. The game play is the focus, with each character representing an archetype and their class fulfilling a primary role. As an experienced dungeon master I want to make a game that creates a typical fantasy RPG experience with fun mechanics. As this is my first game ever, I need as much feedback as I can possibly get so I can become better at this!


  • There are 6 characters and each has a unique class. They are: Monk, Shadow Knight, Battlemage, Weapon Master, Hunter, and Rogue. There are no cloth wearers. 
  • Allan - Monk 
  • A Student of one of the last remaining monks in the world, sent by his master on a pilgrimage. Allan uses healing magic and Ki attacks. 
  • Ashley - Battlemage 
  • A seemly friendly and charismatic young woman with little known about her past other than a missing brother. Ashley uses healing and offensive magic as well as heavy armor and weapons.
  • Marcus - Weapon Master 
  • A narcoleptic old man with unbelievable combat prowess. Able to equip any weapon, and with skills that are based on the weapons currently equipped. 
  • Meiji - Shadow Knight
  •  A Dark Elf scout loyal to his empire. Dark Elves are among the good races of this world. Meiji can take the most damage, using life draining skills and heavy armor. 
  • Rachael - Hunter 
  • Hated by humans and elves alike, Rachael is a Half-Elf, so uncommon that she has never and may never meet another like herself. Rachael uses ranged weapons with elemental attacks. 
  • Rand - Rogue
  • A legitimate businessman. Rand uses skills such as steal, backstab, and status inflicting attacks.


  • The world is rather big although the players will only be on the primary continent and it's immediate surrounding islands. The political atmosphere surrounding the ongoing war with the elves creates a racial tension between the protagonists. Elves in this world are pompous to the extent that they do not believe mortal races even deserve the right to live. While Dark Elves have sworn to fight against the monster hordes that spawn within the Deep. The title "The Deep RPG" refers to the cavernous system of tunnels that cover the entire planet, much like forgotten realm's underdark.


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I'm writing this before I play and will write another after, but WOW as someone who plays DnD and Pathfinder I'm SO HYPE to play this. Just reading all the info about the characters/setting on this page has my heart racing!!

I gave your game a go today and I'm really enjoying it!
I saw a few spelling mistakes here and there but nothing that was too bad. (I remember one of them was a "thier" instead of their, but I don't recall where sorry. XD)
The story progression is really nice, I liked how we go about exploring and eventually meeting new allies! 
I liked that the dungeons weren't too big to explore, the encounter rate was set just right for me, the battles were well balanced too.
One little suggestion: It was a bit of a pain to backtrack after we were done with the dungeon. I'm a bit of lazy gamer so I didn't get to get the reward from the poltergeist because just thinking about going all the back to the inn made me want to cry.. lol An item that would get us to the start of the dungeon or to one of the villages we visited before would have been nice! ^^
I'm looking forward to the full release of the game now. This was really fun and I can't wait to see what else you got planned for us next! Good luck! :)

Thank you so much for playing! I'm glad you enjoyed the pacing of the game and I'm sorry about the backtracking! I will come up with a better way to receive the quest rewards, maybe I'll allow the player to collect from any innkeeper. :)

That would be a good option too! ^^ 

Wow, this is really great! It's so fun and I could play straight for hours and hours.

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Thank you I'm glad you like it!

Yes, I loved it.

Not fair doing a game based on my favorite table game! Boo-hoo

But seriously, dude, you made a fantastic job there, you left me speechless, very fun game. The mechanics are very nice, the characters development and plot are also appropriate, the only con i could probably point out is the very large file size (609MB?), which would discourage some people from downloading your game, apart from that, great work, man!

Thank you so much for playing and I'm glad you liked it! I agree the file size it too large I need to cut some audio files that aren't needed for Windows deployment. Originally I thought about android too but I don't think that's gonna happen.

Really good game, i have nothing to say, i enjoyed it, and it was nicely done.

Keep up your effort and nice first job.

Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

I also love DnD. As a player, not as a DM, though.. Hahaha..

Got bit by a snake, poisoned throughout my first quest, barely survive back to get healed at the inn.

Just like one of my campaign with my bad rolls.. :p

Great game! I'll continue for the big mission later.

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Hahah, just a hint I've hidden an extra antidote around town.  Thank you for playing I'm glad you are having fun! :)

I love this game! maybe its because I like D&D, but I think this is so fun and could be played for hours.

Thank you so much for your comment I am so happy you love the game! After the contest is over I'll continue to update until it is complete. :)

I love the fact you went with D&D. When I first got RPG Maker VX Ace, I'd also wanted to make a D&D Forgotten Realms game. So I love this. Can't wait to try it out!

Thanks! I've been a dungeon master for years now and I wanted a way for more than 2-4 people to enjoy my campaigns. :)